Prof. Dominik Wujastyk

Wujastyk-portrait-215x198Dominik Wujastyk was born in London, and spent much of his childhood in Sudan, Uganda and Malta. He has degrees in Physics, and Sanskrit with Pali, and a doctorate in Sanskrit from Oxford University. He has published and taught on the history of Indian medicine and science, the history of Sanskrit grammar, Indian miniature painting, the study and preservation of Sanskrit manuscripts, and the history of yoga philosophy. His books include A Handlist of Sanskrit and Prakrit Manuscripts, Metarules of Paninian Grammar, Critical Edition Typesetting (with John Lavagnino), and The Roots of Ayurveda. He currently holds the Singhmar Chair in Classical Indian Society and Polity at the University of Alberta, Canada.

Up-to-date information about Dr Wujastyk’s work, his CV and publications, many of them downloadable, can be found here.

Selected Recent Publications

2020 “An Ancient Pandemic Story.” Season 1, Trade Winds, chatroom 7. In Scrolls & Leaves: Stories from the Margins, 2020.

2020 “A New Translation of Carakasaṃhitā, Vimānasthāna, Chapter 1, Based on the Vienna Critical Edition.” In Body and Cosmos. Studies in Early Indian Medical and Astral Sciences in Honor of Kenneth G. Zysk, 77–109.  Leiden, Boston: Brill, 2021.

2019  Isis, 2019,pp. 582–4. Review of C. P. Salguero, Buddhism and Medicine: An Anthology of Premodern Sources. New York: Columbia University Press, 2017.

2018 “The Elephant’s Footprint: An Ancient Indian Logic Diagram.”  Studia Orientalia Electronica, 6 (2018): 56–61.

2014 with Sunil Khilnani. BBC Radio 4, 2014.

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2013 edited with Anthony Cerulli and Karin Preisendanz, Medical Texts and Manuscripts in Indian Cultural History (Manohar: Delhi). ISBN 9789350980194.

2012 “The Path to Liberation through Yogic Mindfulness in Early Ayurveda” in David G. White, (ed.) Yoga in Practice (Princeton: Princeton University Press).

2011 “Medical Error Medical Truth: The Placebo Effect and Room for Choice in Ayurveda” in Health, Culture and Society, 1: 221–231.